About us

Who are we ?

Does the mere thought of putting your house on the market fill you with dread? Are you looking to sell your home but haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin? Or maybe you’re just tired of putting your trust (and money) into estate agencies’ pockets and not getting a lot back in return?
If you’re one of the above have no fear; we have a solution to your house-selling woes…

Propertiser is a dynamic online estate agency platform with an abundance of industry know-how and skills just itching to sell your property with none of the stress or hidden fees often associated with selling your house. Provided you can show potential buyers around and have a solicitor to help manage the sale (which would be required with a traditional agent also), you can manage the process entirely by yourself.

Whether you’re looking to sell a detached family house in the country, a one bed city-centre flat or an idyllic mews townhouse, Propertiser will give you the tools to expertly list your property before they market it on Zoopla – all of this for a one-off fee of just £99.

GO to the website: www.propertiser.co.uk

OPEN a free account

CREATE your listing and only when you’re happy with it make your one-off payment

SIT BACK and let Propertiser do the rest

It’s as simple as that, until viewing requests start coming in through our platform and you can arrange to show buyers around until a sale is agreed.

There’s even a clever little online commission calculator on the homepage just waiting to work out how much you can save by bypassing the traditional estate agent route.

Maybe selling your home isn’t one of the most stressful life-events after all. Let Propertiser take all the stress and almost none of your money.